Environment, Social, & Governance

Paycore Minerals is committed to the sustainable and socially acceptable measurements for the FAD Project in Nevada.  The Company’s core values are to respect our communities while remaining transparent and committed to the highest standard of performance.  Our objective is to build positive relationships with our communities and stakeholders while maintaining responsibility and respect of our environment and resources.

Community & Stakeholder Relations

Paycore Minerals in committed to building and maintaining respectful, long-lasting and collaborative relationships with our local communities, local governments and institutions surrounding our exploration activities.

Health & Safety

We believe that health and safety of our people is of utmost importance and priority. Paycore Minerals remains committed to always improving our safety protocols to strengthen our commitment to a positive and safe work environment.


Paycore Minerals focuses on avoiding and minimizing the environmental effects of our exploration project.  We are committed and pledge to be responsible stewards of the environment.